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Meet the Chef

Chef Joel Hassanali

Chef Joel Hassanali’s passion for food is rooted in his experience traveling, exploring, and cooking exquisite cuisine from all over the world. Born in Trinidad, Joel’s love of cooking stemmed from watching and helping his parents run a restaurant in the Caribbean.

“I moved to the States when I was 11 years old and grew up around the incredible food scene in New York. I later studied culinary arts and have had the pleasure of traveling the country to gain experience working under some of the best celebrity chefs in the nation, including Chef Emeril Lagasse, as well as Chef Sherry Yard.”

So, how did he find his way to Nebraska? Well, the fabulous food scene brought him to Omaha where he spent a year doing research and development for a local restaurant. He and his wife fell in love with “The Good Life” and later returned to raise their family.

We are honored to have Joel as the Chef Managing Partner for Salted Edge and cannot wait to show off his incredible talent to the foodies of Omaha, Nebraska.

Cuisine-Inspired Destinations:
Trinidad, New York, Florida, Illinois (Chicago), Tennessee (Nashville), California, Nebraska

Years of Culinary Excellence:

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